Server Name: Zeus Mu

Server Version: Season 6 Episode 5

Server is from: Philippines

Experience: 5000x

ML Experience: 4000x

Master Level: 400

Drop: 75%

Max Excellent: 7

Points per level: 15/17

Reset from: Game

*Jewel Success Rate*

Soul Success Rate: 80%

Life Success Rate: 75%

Harmony Success rate: 90%



Gemstone (Arena)
Jewel of Socket (Arena)

Sphere Level 4 & 5 (Arena)

Jewel of Soul, Bless, Chaos, Life (Arena)

Kundun Spot (Arena, Coor: 15,88 & 83,14)

Golden Great Dragon Spot ( Arena, Coor: 80,12)


*Medusa Spot*

Karutan 2 (Coor: 163 , 30)


Season 4 Sets +1 Full Option

Tier 1 Sets +1 Full Option

Medusa Respawn Every 3 Hours


*GM Events*

Hide and Seek

Race Events

Scramble Words

PK Events and many more!!

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Server Info

Powered by:ZodiacGames™
ML Experience:4000x
Master Level:400
Max Excellent :7 (LordMix 6)
Max Socket:5 (Penta Sphere)
Chaos Machine:85%
Quest System:/change
Monster HP:100%
Reset System:Enabled

Server Status

Total Accounts168
Total Characters248
Total Guilds19
Online Users2